Commitment to becoming the model provider for high quality and culturally competent aged care is our continuous mission.


Our Values

INTEGRITY   to be ethical, respectful, honest and trustworthy in our dealings with people.

CARE & COMPASSION   showing compassion and love by caring for and nurturing the whole person – physical, social, emotional and spiritual.

PROFESSIONALISM   have appropriate knowledge and skills to achieve the highest level of standards in our practices and comply with professional standards and regulatory requirements, do the right thing.

RESPECT   treating people with Dignity and Respect.

TEAMWORK   work as a team, embrace diversity and respect differences.

EQUITY   acting justly and fairly, ensuring equity of access to care and accommodation, including those in poverty or need.

RIGHTS   individual’s rights to privacy, dignity and confidentiality is recognised and respected; individuals are entitled to exercise choices and control over his/her lifestyles whilst not infringing on the rights of others.

INNOVATION   embrace innovation and knowledge to achieve quality services, to cope with the change and think outside the box.

STEWARDSHIP   responsible for the people and resources entrusted to our care, we strive to make decisions that preserve and enhance the benefit for present and future generations.